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All About the Books Meme – with Kim Curran

Y’all know Kim, right? She’s the fabulously talented author of SHIFT, coming out oh-so-soon in September 2012. Here are her book choices for All About the Books. As always, give some love!

1) One Book That Changed My Life

The book that changed my life was Terry Pratchett’s Sourcery. Not because of some profound, doors of perception type moment. But because it was the first book to introduce me to the world of modern fantasy. I was 12, maybe 13, and spent most of my time reading Celtic, Greek and Norse Myths. I happily read Beowulf in old English (I’m not saying I understood it!) devoured The Morte D’Arthur, read and re-read The Odyssey (not in the original, obviously.) I was, in short, a right precocious brat. Then, I was chatting with a school friend, Louise Oliver, about myths and monsters she said, “You’ll love this.” And gave me my first Pratchett. It was like a light had been switched on. Tales of adventure and heroes and magic could not only be easy and enjoyable to read, they could be funny! Laugh out loud funny. And that was it. Reading went from being a mission to a joy.

Reading that book also, in a very real way, led to me meeting a handsome, charming 15-year-old boy, who is now my still charming, even more handsome 38-year-old husband.

2) One Book I’ve Had to Read More Than One

Give how aggressive that HAD looks, I instantly thoughts of books I was forced to read at school. Like Jane Sodding Eyre, which, I’m sorry to say, I’ve never liked. But if you mean I HAD to read it because it was just so utterly amazing then that would have to be The Rebel by Camus. It blew my mind when I read it at university and totally changed my worldview. A book I have read over and over, just because I loved it, is Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt. It’s about what happens when the Ring of the Nibelung is found by a less-than-average man in middle England and all the Norse gods turn up to get it back. It’s the book I turn to when I’m having a bad day, and I’ve read it so many times now it’s falling apart.

3) One Book I’d Want on a Desert Island

I would pick the SAS Survival Guide. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t last long enough to finish any other books I might have thought to bring. Either that or something very thick with really thin, soft paper, that I really didn’t like. As I doubt there would be much access to toilet roll on a desert island. ;-)

4) One Book That Made Me Laugh

Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman made me laugh so much that I actually did that snort coffee out of my nose thing that I didn’t really think was real. It was on a bus and I snorted it over the woman in front of me. She tutted and turned around. But when she saw what I was reading she shrugged and smiled and went back to her day.

5) One Book That Made Me Cry

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. That man is a master of making me cry. And I don’t cry easily. He did it to me in A Knife of Never Letting Go. But nothing like when reading A Monster Calls. That book broke me. I sobbed so hard on finishing it that I had to curl up in a ball and just hug the book, as if I was hugging Conor. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful and I’m tearing up even thinking about it now.

6) One Book I Wish I’d Written

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway. As far as I’m concerned it’s the most perfect book in the world. He’s put absolutely everything I could ever ask of a story in there: excitement, adventure, philosophical examinations on the nature of truth, some of the best female characters I’ve ever read, clockwork! There are even elephants! And for a book that is so long (and it really is huge – I warn you, don’t drop it on your foot) it doesn’t feel like there’s a unnecessary word or a line out of place.

7) One Book I am Currently Reading

Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher which is turbo-charged fun. Rampaging superheroes – what’s not to love? One of the best things about being a writer is becoming amazing friends with other writers who will then give you their books to read. For FREE! (Don’t worry, Adam. I’ll buy your book when it comes out.)

8) One Book I am Intending to Read

Fair Coin by E.C. Myers. I’ve had so many people recommend this to me and I can’t wait to read it. I believe there are similar themes to my book, Shift, although handled in a very different way. And I’m really excited about that one.

Thanks Kim!

What do you think of these choices? Any you would like to pick up after what you’ve read here?


Miriam Joy

It sounds like we would get on well – myths and legends, Beowulf, Terry Pratchett and Tom Holt! :)

But there my ability to comment intelligently ended. I am going to have to start on a ‘To Be Read’ list, I think, as people keep recommending books and I’m feeling I should read some of them.


I don’t know anything about most of your book choices. But I have heard a lot of recommendation to read Terry Pratchett and I plan to read Patrick Ness, not sure which one first they both interest me, and Fair Coin because I’ve read so many great reviews of it. I like the theme that one decision can affect so many other decisions and other people. So, waiting for some time to read that one!

I can’t even say that you have eclectic tastes b/c I have no idea who the other authors are, but I think you do. And excellent choice on the desert island choice!


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