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Introducing the Iron Fey series

We have to confess – and we know it makes us bad people – that we haven’t yet tackled the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. So we have turned to a group of bloggers to tell us (and you!) exactly why we should be picking it up instantly.

(aren’t those covers just *gorgeous*?!)

First up, let’s hear from Pixie who operates The Bookaholic:

The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa stole my heart a year ago after I picked it up per recommendation from a friend. No one told me there were Shakespeare characters involved. All I knew before going into the first book was that it was a YA Fantasy with fairy characters and adventure. After falling head over heels for the Wicked Lovely series (Melissa Marr) in the last few years (and it ending shortly before I started this one), I wanted a fresh new series to start.
I’ve reviewed these books on my blog and have had several other friends pick them up. I’ve loved them. I’ve read the novellas—with the exception of the newest one that’s to be released soon—and I’ve called a team. Team Ash here! Holla! Ahem. Anyways, I saw an opportunity recently on Twitter calling for a few bloggers to write articles on WHY we love this series. So here I am. Why do I love The Iron Fey?

Unique. I first expected the typical fae story with nothing new to give the reader. Kagawa did the complete opposite through the entire series. Every time I thought it was about to get “typical”, it turned around, twisted, and became sensational. This in itself was what began my deep-rooted love.

The characters! Oh, I can’t even begin here without going into some long two-page detail about the characters. They fascinated me from the start. Shakespeare, people. Shakespeare. Everyone knows by now how much of a geek I am with Shakespeare. The minute I realized it was Puck and Titania…and then Queen Mab!! (Queen Mab by the way totally rocks my socks…I don’t care if she’s supposed to be the “villain” or whatever) So, yeah, I probably had an almost dork overload. Almost. But it’s not just about the Shakespeare-inspired backdrop. I don’t want potential readers to think that there’s nothing new to bring to the table. Because there is. Kagawa crafted a world of new and interesting characters—even an entirely new kind of faery, the Iron Fae. You don’t have to know everything about fae lore and legends to understand the characters and background, and that’s another reason to love this series.

There’s an awesome talking cat. I want a Grimalkin.

The romance between Ash and Meghan is dreamy.

The writing is vivid and powerful. I can re-read these books without growing tired of the world of NeverNever. It’s an incredible journey that is addictive and charming and intoxicating…

The Iron Fey Series is magical and this is why I love it so much.

Shouldn’t they make it a movie?!

Next is Liyana, blogger from LiyanaLand and ambassador from The Faery Court (we couldn’t NOT have Liyana tell us about the Iron Fey series! *winks*)

Ahh, the Iron Fey series. A series that goes back to the roots of the fey mythology and honours it by creating a unique spin on the whole situation with this simple take: having Iron Fey, aka fey that are not immune to iron.

Traditionally, the fey are deathly allergic to them, so you can see how brilliant this one twist is. Simple, yet brilliant.

I’ve always been a fan of fey stories, but the first time I read Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series, I was just blown away. I’m a sucker for a good setting and an interesting, action filled storyline, so this is just perfect. The Iron Fey series has lush imagery and descriptions throughout its four books, and a rich, layered ensemble of characters that stand well on their own. At the same time, they simply excel when they’re together.

Let’s take Grim for example. Underneath that Cheshire cat-like presence and mystery, there’s a subtle layer of danger and the cunning of a hyena. He has some of the best one liners in the series, and he’s no doubt my favourite character.

We can’t forget Ash either, because he’s crucial to the whole series. I mean, he has a book dedicated to his own heartwrenching adventures. The epitome of the hot, tortured soul, that’s what Ash is. *swoons*

I wrote this in my review of THE IRON KING, and I think it bears repeating:

The IRON FEY series can double as a fey dictionary.

There’s a lot of tightly plotted worldbuilding, with obviously a whole lot of research poured into it, and yet the way they’re presented makes it interesting. The scenes and history of the NeverNever is just impeccable. I always feel like I’m there with Meghan (or Ash in the case of The Iron Knight), and when I don’t, I want to be there.

I do love that Kagawa’s branching off into a different story with the Immortals Rules series (another great read), but I can’t lie: I’m really excited that there’ll be a spin-off of the Iron Fey series, called The Iron Fey: Call of The Forgotten. Who’s ready for Ethan’s story?! (Me! Me!)

Lily from The Whispering of the Pages talks more about the characters:

If asked who my favourite author is, I don’t even have to think about it. Without a doubt, Julie Kagawa is my favourite. Her characters are compelling and original. They have voices that will draw the reader into the book and compel them to read until the very end. Pick up one book and you’ll take Megan, Puck, Ash, Grim, and many other characters into your hearts forever.

The thing I love most about the Iron Fey series, however, is the world. It’s so vivid and detailed. The amount of faerie creatures that Kagawa has invented, or reinvented, is astounding. The most striking of these creatures are obviously the Iron Fey. Having the whole series named after them, you can imagine that they crop up a lot.

If you haven’t read any books about the fey before, let me just say before I go on, forget everything you know about Fairies. Forget Tinkerbell, forget sparkly, happy magic. The fey are evil creatures who have no regard for humanity. They can be combated using many things. The colour red, salt and wearing clothes inside out are but a few. The one that is most important here though, is Iron. Iron is very damaging to fey.

This fact is another of the things that makes Iron Fey a wonderful series. The iron fey are created by combining the fey with the one thing they’re weak against. It also updates the fey, bringing in the fairy tales of the digital age with viruses and gremlins. Whether you’re overwhelmed with the desire to have a pack rat as a pet, or the power of the fearsome Iron Horse, these are creatures who you’ll remember forever.

Now we have Erica from The Book Cellar:

The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa has been a long time favorite. I just absolutely love it. From the enticing characters to the bewitching plot, The Iron Fey series has wedged its way into my life.

The series plays host to such a uniquely crafted world that puts a new spin on the typical fey story. Julie Kagawa has introduced a new type of fey to the playing field: the iron fey. It was such a joy to read and figure out how they would fit into the plot.

Plus, the characters are 100% awesome. I loved following Meghan on her journey, to see who she would meet next. Grimalkin is also the coolest cat in all of literature and he was one of the best things about the series. Meghan’s love interest, Ash, is one hunky guy, which I won’t complain about ;) Not only that, but he is such a wonderfully complex character.

The Iron Fey series is absolutely addictive. Right away I was drawn into the world and I never wanted to leave. Even now, after the series is finished I am longing to go back. They are the perfect books to read on a day when you just want to get lost in a book. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of fey books or not, you should give this one a try. You won’t regret it!

Lastly, the lovely Sam from Fresh Fantasy Fiction:

A friend recommended The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa to me, which I really enjoyed. Naturally I googled the author and I discovered The Iron Fey series. I was a bit weary at first as fairies had never really been my thing. I gave it a chance though based on the strength of Julie Kagawa’s writing. I am so happy I did!

Fairies are now my thing.

Now I haven’t read all the books in the series yet and in a way I’m glad. This is one of those series you just don’t want to end, that you just fall into to the world and even dream about it. Julie Kagawa really brings this world to life. The whole experience of reading these books is magical. The writing itself makes me want to “Woo Hoo“. It’s well paced and flows and has the perfect balance of showing and telling. There is love, action, suspense, twists and laughter.

Kagawa has incorporated famous elements of fairy culture and managed to make it original and fresh. The characters are a dream. They are real and have substance and personality. You fall in love with them…..even the ones you aren’t meant to.

I need to spend a moment gushing about the art work of the book. They are beautiful! They are alluring and mysterious. My copies of the book were originally on my Kindle but I just had to buy the paperbacks for the magpie in me. I am so happy that the beauty inside the book matches the beauty of the outside.

These books are awesome. Buy them, read them, love them!

Are you now ready to go and pick up the Iron Fey series?



Simply put the Iron Fey books are fantastic. They characters are compelling with their own twist in the story, but by far my favorite character is Puck! Yeah, Ash is the typical bad boy that has a mysterious past and that totally makes him attractive, don’t get me wrong, but puck is so funny! When ever Puck says something to or about Ash or Grimalkin I always laugh.
The way you wrote Meghan’s story then went on to write Ash’s… May I just say it was done with beauty and brilliance!
Julie Kagawa… You’re a fantastic author and write so beautifully! :) If anyone were to ask who I look up to I would proudly pronounce “Julie Kagawa!” I want to be a writer and I can’t wait to read your The Immortal Rules books!!!

P.S. I forgot to mention how intriuging (I hope I spelled that right) the whole thing is. The NeverNever totally just pops! It’s like I’m actually there. I hope they make it into a movie! (And I just hope they choose great actors/actresses that actually “look” like the characters in the book!)
Alix over and out!

Maria @ Fantasy's Ink

I absolutely adore this series!!! The setting has to be the best part, intertwined with the many fey lore. Even though love triangles usually annoy me, I didn’t mind it in The Iron Fey series. I believe the reason being that Puck still played an important role as Meghan’s best friend and wasn’t cast aside. And there’s also the very lovable Grim!

The Iron Fey series is definitely one of my all time favourites. Great characters, setting, romance and an action-filled plot, it has it all! The Immortal Rules is still on my TBR pile (what am I waiting for!) and I can’t wait for the new spin-off series!!!

Miriam Joy

They do sound good! I’ve been into fairies for years – since I read The New Policeman, to start with, but Maggie Stiefvater and Holly Black introduced me to the darker side of the myths.

Actually, that’s what I now write about, so these look like the sort of thing I should check out. I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished this redraft, though. At this stage I’m struggling very hard not to be highly influenced by a few books, myths and films I’ve been interested in recently, in order to keep it ‘me’, and I don’t want to add another thing into that mix!


i love all her books! and im definitely a Team Puck! and does any one
know who plays Puck thats on the back of the iron knight book?

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