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Kim Curran’s Plans

We’re focusing on Kim Curran today – she of SHIFT fame – mostly because it’s her BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday Kim! Y’know, I bet she wouldn’t mind if you preordered a copy of SHIFT as a birthday gift to her… (*psst*)

So Kim is going to be attending an event at Blackwells on Charing Cross Road in London THIS Saturday (as in, 18th August at 2pm) This is a YA event and also includes such luminaries as Tom Pollock, Will Hill, Laure Eve, Tanya Byrne, and James Dawson! Fantastic line-up, non? Will has lots more fabulous details about the event HERE. This will be YOUR opportunity to get your mitts on a pre-release and signed version of Shift – don’t miss it…

And then Kim is jetting off to Chicago to be part of the Strange Chemistry take-over of Worldcon, during which she’ll be joining Gwenda Bond (and Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig!) to do a book signing at The Book Cellar. Be there or be a very square thing!

If you can’t make it to either of these, then I INSIST you wish Kim a HUGE happy birthday in the comments.


AE Rought

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kim, and brightest blessings! Xx


Happy BDay Kim! Hope you are having a great one!

Julianna Scott

WooHoo! Happy Birthday! =D


*throws birthday confetti* Hope KimGras is great!

Mieneke van der Salm (@Pallekenl)

Shoot! As always a day late and a euro short, but happy birthday, Kim!! I hope you had a fabulous day :-)

Christian Schoon

*breathes in tossed confetti, sneezes it out in colorful pattern on the wall that, coincidentally, spells Happy Birthday, Kim*

English Rose-C

Happy Birthday Kim! Good luck with book signing – I’m sorry I can’t make it :-(

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