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A YA Convention?

Right, chaps and chapesses of the blogging world – and everyone else who might be interested!

I would like to gauge interest and content relating to a possible YA convention.

This is not promising that we shall help to organise one, but it is gathering the information that might help make an informed decision on it happening.

It would be UK based. Sorry, overseas guys, but this would need to be on our doorstep so that we could organise. It would be two days. It would have panels, reading, ask the editor/publicist style workshops and probably a creative strand (possibly involving cupcake decorating). There would be evening entertainment. It would be open to those under 18, but we would be asking guardians to come along too! (although we would offer them a break-out room where they can relax).


I want to know thoughts from you.

How much would you pay? Would you be prepared to pay a deposit upfront so that a location and authors can be booked?

Would you be happy for this to take place outside of London?

What would you like to see particularly on the programme?

Publishing peeps – would you want to come along, have a dealer room, offer books for prizes and goodie bags?

Basically, any thoughts that you have – even if it’s just a yay to register interest – would be fantastic. And then we’ll see where this can be taken!