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Introducing the Mortal Instruments series

As per our other two entries in this irregular series – looking at the Vampire Academy series and the Iron Fey series – we have asked some bloggers to explain to you why exactly they think you should be reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

The Mortal Instruments series contains the following novels:

1. City of Bones
2. City of Ashes
3. City of Glass
4. City of Fallen Angels
5. City of Lost Souls
6. City of Heavenly Fire (forthcoming)

Here first is Shaheen to explain her love for the series:

I really love The Mortal Instruments series because it features a strong, independent and delightfully witty female character. Actually, the characters are all awesome: sexy and tortured Jace; kind, conflicted Alec and his stubborn and independent sister Isabelle; and Clary’s geeky best friend Simon.

Clary is fierce. Her story is told beautifully by Cassandra Clare, with twists and turns which keep you guessing right to the end (and afterwards). The characters in the trilogy are wonderfully flawed, with each of them grappling with their inner demons. They grow and develop throughout the trilogy very convincingly, and between them perfectly describe that awkward stage in every teenager’s life where they begin to really discover who they are going to become as adults.

While there is a romantic element to the story, it takes a backseat (as it should) to the brilliant action sequences and plot twists. There are moments, yes; stolen kisses and heartbreaking confessions, and these add to the pace of the story, but for once the romance is told realistically – no girl in her right mind is thinking of her achy-breaky heart when there are many-headed demons attacking her.

I love this series and I think everyone should read it!

By Shaheen, Speculating on SpecFic

Next is Emilie to tell you why you should be reading the Mortal Instruments series:

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is one of those series that I have been reading for such a long time. I remember when I picked up the first book, City of Bones, for the first time I didn’t really know what to expect at all. The only reason I bought the book all those years ago was because the salesperson at the bookstore recommended them to me. But I had been smart and picked up the first three books all at once. And once I started reading, I went straight through those three books. It was just impossible for me not to get dragged into the story and get all wrapped up in the characters’ lives. There’s just so much going on with everyone and there never seems to be a dull moment while reading.

The thing about the Mortal Instruments books that I absolutely love is that they don’t just focus on one or two characters like a lot of other books do, but instead you have an entire cast of characters who you follow throughout the series. They each have their own story but somehow all these stories become intertwined with one another, making the greater story that much more interesting. I feel like I really got to know every single one of those characters, and now anytime something happens my heart goes out to those characters, even if they are just fictional people.

And I think that’s what’s so fantastic about the Mortal Instruments series. That isn’t to say that the story itself isn’t amazing, because believe me, it is. But it’s the fact that I was able to connect with all those characters on so many different levels. I’m all about the characters when I read books, so for me, this works out perfectly!

By Emilie

Is this a series that you love? Tell us why!

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