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Top Ten Tuesday – featuring Cassandra R Clarke

After a brief break last week, we’re here again to bring you another Top Ten Tuesday from one of our authors. This time Cassandra is stepping into the spotlight, and is letting you know her Top Ten Fictional Crushes!

I was feeling pretty fangirlish when I sat down to write my Top Ten Tuesday list, which is why I chose to write on fictional crushes. Wierdly, this proved a lot more difficult than I initially thought, especially when I limited myself to just book (and comic) characters. But I trundled tirelessy on, and I’m proud to present to you my Top Ten Fictional Crushes:

1. Severus Snape, Harry Potter: Don’t judge me! Yes, he’s supposed to be mean, spiteful, and ugly — but still my inexplicable attraction lingers. That may be due to movie influence, to be fair, but even book Snape has a certain villainous appeal. It helps that he isn’t [SPOILER] actually a villain; he only acts like one. (Do I need to warn for spoilers on Harry Potter at this point? Oh well.)

2. Witch Baby, the Weetzie Bat books: Oh, Witch Baby. I empathize and crush on you in equal measure. Older Weetzie Bat is the sort of person I’d love to hang out with: she’s smart, cool, and a little jaded. Even though it’s not always easy for her to be herself, she does it anyway.

3. Ethan, Companions of the Night: When I was the exact right age for Twilight, it didn’t exist yet. This book, however, did, and Ethan firmly established himself as my Platonic ideal for Romantic Vampire Love Interests. He’s got more of an edge than Edward, and he lacks most of the but I’m monsteeeeer angst of a lot of recent vampire heros. He knows he’s a vampire, he deals with it. He’s not a psychopath, but there’s definitely enough moral ambiguity there to make him interesting. (If writing this list has taught me anything, it’s that I have a thing for morally ambiguous characters.)

4. Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle: What is there to say about Howl? He’s a jerk. He’s vain, conceited, and maybe a little shallow (fortunately, he gets over it). He’s also brilliant and capable of kindness once you wring it out of him. Howl is definitely a slow burn kind of character.

5. Daisy, The Great Gatsby: I feel bad for Daisy. She figures life will be easier if she acts stupid and beautiful (it isn’t), her husband’s cheating on her, and Gatsby became a gangster just to get her attention. That’s a lot of pressure on a girl. I sort of just want to ran away with her to Paris and live in a houseboat together.

6. Sherlock Holmes, the Sherlock Holmes stories: Nothing gets me crushing quite like a weirdo genius, and Sherlock Holmes certainly fits that description. There have been many interpretations of Holmes over the years, but since this list is all book characters, I’m going with that one. Yeah, he’s a pretty big jerk, but I also have Snape on this list, so…

7. Melisandre, A Song of Ice and Fire: I don’t quite know what’s up with Melisandre, and that makes her doubly appealing. How much of her magic is magic and how much is magic tricks? What’s her angle with Stannis? She’s clearly very intelligent (such a weakness for me!), plus she seems to have the one up on all the characters around her. Brilliant and morally ambiguous? Too much!

8. Yuko from XXXholic: That’s right, I’m dropping a little manga on this list! Yuko is amazing. She controls dimensions to other worlds, she wears the most incredible clothes, and she always knows what’s up (even though she’s not necessarily going to tell you about it). Plus, she’s super into food. This is a match made in Heaven.

9. Aaron Stack, Nextwave: Okay, so Aaron Stack was a Marvel superhero known as Machine Man. (Note: I’m not super up on comic history, and I had to get that much off of Wikipedia.) Fortunately, I’m not talking about the “true” Aaron Stack, but rather Aaron Stack as he was interpreted by Warren Ellis in the brilliant series Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., where he’s a lot like Howl, honestly. I have a soft spot for robots in general, and for sassy robots in particular. Aaron Stack is the sassiest robot of them all.

10. Moirin, Naamah’s Kiss, Naamah’s Curse, Naamah’s Blessing: I know most people are all about Phedre when it comes to Jacqueline’s Carey’s Kushiel books, but I really like Moirin. I think what I love most about her is how she’s an outsider to Terre d’Ange and thus rolls her eyes at the D’Angelines’ bizarrely excessive national pride. Me too, Moirin. Me too.

How about letting Cassandra know your top fictional crushes?


Christian Schoon

Snape & Sherlock! My feminine side says “hell yeah!” to both. Daisy not so much; seems like she could get a little… needy. But, I see the attraction. And Howl, absolutely. Hey, he lives in the perfect location, location, location… (see what I did there?). Anyway, excellicious listing to Eliza. Multiple stars.

Christian Schoon

hmmmm…. now why, when my brain sent the name Cassandra down the neurons to my hand, did hand write Eliza in the above post? Caffeine deficit? Too early in the AM? Hand rebellion? Earlier headline about SC signing Eliza? Bad hand. Sorry, Cassandra. Hand will be disciplined.

Daphne @ Winged Reviews

Sherlock Holmes was my first fictional crush. Great list!


Love the list! Snape, Howl, Sherlock? Absolutely. Daisy does beg to be saved, but I think she would drive me nuts in the close quarters of a houseboat ;)

Melisandre? Totally. Creepy-hot, without a doubt!

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