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Reading Challenges for 2013

It’s the time of year where you start to think about reading resolutions for the New Year, and challenges are a fantastic way of achieving various targets. We have the intention of reading about 100 books next year, and will keep a record on Goodreads, but we have seen a number of other entertaining challenges and thought we should do a round-up for those who might be interested in joining up.

The Generic Challenges

So these are the challenges we could find that don’t require any specific genre, and are mostly about keeping track of the number of books you read.

1) Mount TBR Reading Challenge – concentrate on books from your TBR pile

2) TBR Pile – very similar as the first, but hosted by a different blog

3) 100 Books in a Year – pretty much as it says on the tin!

4) Ebook Challenge – particularly useful if you have a lot of Netgalley or Edelweiss titles stacking up *winks*

Slightly More Specific Challenges

Whether completing series, reading debut authors or tackling standalones, we have the challenges here!

1) Finishing the Series – working on completing the various series you might have on the go

2) Catch-up Challenge – similarly, work on catching up with the series you have started and not completed

3) Debut Author Challenge – Reading books by debut authors (might we suggest A E Rought, Laura Lam, Julianna Scott, Christian Schoon, T L Costa, Eliza Crewe and Rosie Best from our list of 2013 authors?)

4) Standalone Reading Challenge – a challenge to make sure you tackle those standalone novels on your list

5) Book to Movie Challenge – from Twilight to Beautiful Creatures, from The Hunger Games to Warm Bodies: how about reading the book they turned into a movie?

6) 50 States Reading Challenge – read a book associated with each of the 50 States in America!

Specific Genre Challenges

Finally, our list of much more specific challenges, where you’ll be required to look at genres.

1) New Adult – this category has exploded in the last few months; now it’s your time to get started.

2) Dystopian Challenge – if you not all dystopia’d out, here is a challenge to help you keep track of all your dystopians.

3) YA & MG Time Travel – with more and more time travel novels being released, this is how to note them all down!

4) YA & MG Fantasy Challenge – list your Kristin Cashores, your Rae Carsons and your Melina Marchettas!

5) Fairytales Retold – time to finally tackle those Jackson Pearce novels…

6) Paranormal Reads – this is a fun way of reading more paranormal novels, by taking a different paranormal creature each month!

7) Get Steampunk’d – we think a number of people will be including Etiquette and Espionage on this list *grin*

8) Mythology Challenge – Greek, Roman or Norse – your choice!

So, which challenges are you intending to sign up to? And, if you’re hosting a challenge yourself that hasn’t been listed above, please do add it in the comments!

EDIT: Challenges we’ve been asked to add!

1) What’s In a Name – organise your reading into fun categories!

2) British Books Challenge – tackle books by UK authors.

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