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Best of 2012 – T L Costa’s Earworms!

A slightly belated post here, but we’re slipping it in before we kick off our posts proper for 2013!

I am a radio station-switcher. One finger while driving is on that seek button, desperately scanning the sound waves for songs that fit the moment. I have a family, and they, as it turns out, have musical preferences of their own. So that CLASH song I want to listen to might get shouted off the playlist from the backseat. Kids, it seems, have their musical tastes influenced by their friends at school, and demand that their punk-rock loving mommas sometimes eat their pride, suck it up, and listen to *gasp * Taylor Swift. So today I am going to look back at the pop songs I would never have known about before having children. The sometimes irritatingly catchy tunes that get stuck in your head and that you will find yourself dancing to at every wedding/bar mitzvah/summer camp in the forseeable future.

I give you, in no particular order, the cheesy pop earworms of 2012.

1. Taylor Swift, WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER. I first heard this song as it was sung by my neighbor’s child. He was playing tag in the yard and decided to hide from his pursuers by climbing a tree. A tree right outside my open kitchen window. He’s a great kid, and has a nice voice, but when the whole yard full of children joined him in the chorus, I had to walk outside and make sure they were all feeling ok. I mean, what large gathering of boys spontaneously bursts into song one hundred miles away from Broadway? This gathering of boys, apparently. I called moms, I emailed my husband. Everyone thought it was great, and in retrospect, it kind of was.

2. Carly Rae Jepson, CALL ME MAYBE. The counselors at my kid’s summer camp would blast this song at full volume at pick-up time, forcing me to beg my husband to pick up the kids so I could stay home. I just don’t want to watch children, like little, little children, singing along to this song. It freaks me out. This song was saved for me, however, by Sesame Street and Cookie Monster, in their parody entitled “Share It Maybe.” I love the parody, watch it with the kids, and laugh and laugh. Watch it here:

3. No list, of course, would be complete without PSY’s GANGNAM STYLE. Also, this song comes with a confession. A guilty, dirty, horrid confession. I freaking love this video. I have no idea what the hell he’s saying but the video is classic. No, stop, just listen, ok? It’s funny in this universal way, like the way old Charlie Chaplin or Three Stooges movies are funny. And the best thing? At every wedding or school dance you go to in the six to eight months, you are guaranteed to be able to see people doing the dance, in a world where everyone and their dog has video on their phone. Oh yeah, bad wedding out-takes have never looked so good…

4. Gotye’s SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW. Wow does that song get stuck in my head. And the video is epic.

5. FUN’s WE ARE YOUNG. I love this song. In fact, as I scroll through my exercise playlists, I realize that this song is on four of them. Great song for the treadmill.

As I watched MC Hammer and PSY stand together as the ball dropped over Times Square, I wondered what pop sensations await the unsuspecting world in 2013. I hope that whatever it is, it involves a re-boot of Hammer pants… Have a Happy New Year!

Which were the songs that had you humming your way through 2012?


Jennifer I

TL, I totally agree with your list but I admit to loving Call Me, Maybe. Totally overplayed and I cannot imagine driving into that summer camp – would’ve been like the Von Trapp family on steroids. Did you catch the YouTube video of the US Olympic Swim Team lip-synching it? Totally fun & a big improvement over CRJ singing it live in Times Square last night, ugh.
Some other 2012 favs: Wild Ones by FloRida; Pay Phone by Maroon 5; Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink; Diamonds by Rihanna and lets not forget the massive earbug that will hopefully infuse the psyche of insecure women everywhere – What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I’m too old to know their names but I appreciate the sentiment. Great post, keep ’em coming!
Love you, Girl :)

Rhonda Lane

Love the earworms list. I was hiking at my local YMCA day camp toward the end of the school year when the schools take kids for some outdoor energy-venting. I heard a familiar song and was surprised to recognize the chorus to Felicia Day and The Guild’s “I’m the One That’s Cool,” except I suspect some of the lyrics may have been edited for language. :)

BTW, thanks for reminding me to get on the stick. Why? Because I’d been holding on to a blog post about PSY’s dance in “Gangnam Style” – his dance is called The Horse! Here’s a link: Plus, I linked back to this post in the text. Happy New Year.!


Jen, I absolutely have to go look up those songs! Love you, too. ;) Have you seen Pink’s video for that Blow Me One Last Kiss song? Her costumes, man, what I wouldn’t give to able to raid her closet just for a day.

Rhonda, thanks! Great post! Happy New Year to you, too, my dear!

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