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Pantomime in the Wild contest (US/CAN)

This post comes from guest-blogger Mike Underwood, the US and Canadian sales manager. Here’s what Mike has to say:

“Hello Strange Chemists!

For today’s book birthday, we’d like to try something a bit different. I’m announcing the ‘Pantomime in the Wild’ contest. This will be a chance to help celebrate the book’s launch and to win a copy of any other Strange Chemistry book (paper or ebook).

Here’s how to play: Visit your friendly local bookstore and hunt for PANTOMIME. When you find this gorgeous book:

take a picture of the book on the shelves/shelf/etc. Send the picture, with a note of where you found it (store, town, state) to me at with the subject ‘PANTOMIME IN THE WILD CONTEST.’

Along the way, we’ll post the gallery of PANTOMIME pictures as it stalks the bookshelves before running off to experiment with readers’ imaginations.

The contest runs until next Monday (Feb 11th) at noon EST. On Monday afternoon, I’ll announce the winner, who will receive any one Strange Chemistry book, in print or DRM-free ebook edition. Feel free to have fun with the pictures (put yourself in the picture, wear a costume, etc.), but please don’t leave a mess for the booksellers. They are our friends. :)

NOTE: This contest is only applicable in the United States and Canada. If you find PANTOMIME elsewhere, please feel free to send the picture, but you will not be eligible for the contest. Don’t worry, though, there will be other contests, and soon. :) One entry per person, please.

Good hunting!”


Sheila Seivewright

Good luck in Canada and the USA, Laura, your book deserves it : )

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