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Who is your YA Crush?

Welcome to Part Two of our romp through the beautiful boys and gorgeous girls beloved of our bloggers!

As always, please feel free to add your own favourites in the comments section.

Dimitri Belikov from the Vampire Academy series

My YA crush?

Need you even ask?

Four words: Dimitri. Belikov. Is. AMAZING!

If you’ve read Richelle Mead’s entire Vampire Academy series, you’ll know that there are dozens of reasons to crush on Dimitri—assuming you even need a reason other than his sexy, swoon-worthy appearance. He’s smart, witty, great in hand to hand combat… but, honestly, the thing that I love the most about him? He believes in Rose’s strength. In the finale Clockwork Prince Will is so heroic while saving Tessa’s behind, and it’s adorable how Patch is so protective of Nora in Hush, Hush. But the true sign of a great guy? He believes in you. You, being able to save yourself. Dimitri doesn’t save Rose’s life—though he does help her out every now and then—instead, he tells her that he believes in her, encourages her, gives her advice. Somewhere deep inside his muscular chest, Dimitri knows that his girl can kick ass. And he respects that. And this, my friends, is why he is my ultimate YA crush.

Well… assuming I need an excuse to be crushing on Dimitri ;)

– Ana @ What YA Reading

Peeta from The Hunger Games

My YA crush is Peeta from THE HUNGER GAMES. The man is blonde, artistic, a survivor, AND he bakes. Ladies..come on. There’s no competition.

 – Lindsay from Lindsay Cummings

Adam Wilde from If I Stay series

If you would have known me in my teenage years, you would know that Adam from If I Stay was my type. Completely my type. Adam and his skinny jeans, black lucky t-shirt, singer in a band, punk/emo and I would have probably developed an unhealthy obsession with him when I was in high school. Forman doesn’t give much of a physical description of Adam which is probably another thing that draws me in, because I have made him into whatever I wanted him to be in my head.

I also love how much he loves Mia. He loves all of her so much it makes my heart happy to think of it. He encourages her and loves her family as well. He wants the best for Mia because he truly believes she deserves nothing but the absolute best.

Where She Went gives us deeper side of him that we don’t see much of in YA characters. We get to see Adam at his most vulnerable moments and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle him while he was going through so much pain. He is absolutely broken and it’s heartbreaking to see him go through these things.  We see him practically fall apart and we see that he is strong enough to get through it. Basically, he is just amazing on every level.

– Lauren @ Lauren Gets Literal

Ash from the Iron Fey series

My favorite YA Crush is Ash from The Iron Fey series. He’s an ice prince yes, and he gives up everything to be with Meghan. He ignores the fact that it is forbidden for them to be together, and he doesn’t even care what others will think. At first, it appears he has a heart of ice, but he’s super warm-hearted once you get to know him. He also can fight like no other and is completely noble. He is practically perfect! Go Team Ash! :)

 – Erica @ The Book Cellar

Patch from the Hush, Hush series

My YA crush just has to be Patch from the Hush Hush Series he’s perfect! Ultimately perfect!! I mean who wouldn’t want him sent to look after you and keep you safe then fall in love with you! He’s just ever girls dream guy . . .  well mine anyway. What girls always secretly want is a bad boy and Patch fits the description for me amazingly well! Although he isn’t that bad . . . He just has that bad boy streak which appeals to me. I love reading about him and his part in the books as you never know what to expect next from him.

 – Kerry-Ann @ Reading a Little Bit of Everything

Kaleb from Hourglass

My YA crush is Kaleb from Myra McEntire’s Hourglass series. He’s a bad-boy, an empath and completely in love with someone he’s not supposed to be. He flips every single one of my triggers. I can’t wait to read more about him in Timepiece.

 – Dulcy @ My Summer Girl Books

Hale from Heist Society

W.W. Hale (or just Hale) from Heist society by Ally Carter

Why I love Hale-

He comes with an air of mystery from a non-existent family, and although you don’t really know what he’s thinking, you know that he’ll never let you down. Not only is he gorgeous and an extremely talented thief, but hes loaded. His never ending excess of money lets him do what ever he wants, and help his friends in whatever crazy schemes they come up with, from his multiple private jets and yachts, to a house in every place you can think of. Hale is extremely charismatic, which just aids in letting people fall into Kat and his con’s. Hales is extremely smart, sarcastic, and a good actor, but most of all he’s extremely loving and protective of his friends, and the new family that Kat has brought him into.

 – Dana @ Dana Does Read

Finn from Something, Maybe

Okay, I fell in love with Finn just by reading the BLURB of the book. God, what can’t YA guys be real? I love his humor, his constant blushing and his pure awesomeness in pissing Josh (ick) off. But what I love most is that even though he’s a jock, he’s always nice to everyone and just a really sweet guy. He’s stand up against his jock buddies if they were hurting anyone. PLUS he brings food for Hannah, because he knows she gets hungry every shift. Come on, who couldn’t say no to a guy like that? :D

 – Rabiah @ I Live for Reading

Catcher from The Dead Tossed Waves

Only one character comes to mind when I think YA crush, Catcher. Catcher a major character in Dead Tossed Waves, and Dark and Hollow Places of Carrie Ryan’s zombie trilogy is a traditional look at something different. Traditional meaning Catcher believes that he is a monster when he of course is not. Catcher is the only one immune to zombies. After he was bitten himself he can now walk amongst them without harm. He is awesome, courageous, and always the white knight. His first appearance in Dark and Hollow Places is the smoothest and heroic debut I have read so far that my jaw literally dropped, and yes I read it more than once. He is the quiet loner type that every girl swoons over and never falters when protecting what he loves. Since he is the only immune in existence he does not know if he is able to infect anyone, so he must keep his distant from the very ones he must protect.  Angst, heartbreak, and heroism tied up in a tattered ribbon.

 – Celine @ I Blog U Read

Four from Divergent

There’s lots to love about Four from Veronica Roth’s Divergent. From his dreamy deep blue eyes to his tough yet intelligent demeanour as instructor for the Dauntless, he’s the perfect match for Tris. Mysterious and alluring, passionate yet reserved, it’s obvious that he’s tough – he’s teaching her how to kick-ass and fight! – but you can always tell that there’s more to him than meets the eye. I love how his relationship with Tris is one that’s built on mutual admiration and respect and while obviously they’re attracted to each other, it’s so much nicer that they can fall in love without the need for a dramatic love triangle or an unhealthy obsessive dependency on each other. Four helps Tris conquer her fears and they push each other to succeed on their own merits, which is what every girl really wants in life – someone who can see you at your lowest, and still say, “You look tough as nails.” I’d take that guy over your average brooding bad boy any day.

 – Lisa @ Read Between the Lines

Mara from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

She’s feisty, she’s witty, she’s sarcastic. She’s insane, and the decisions she makes aren’t always the best. Mara Dyer from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is the complete opposite of me. She’s one of those people that says what everybody is thinking. Never thinking about the consequence of her actions or words, Mara is outspoken and sarcastic, and intimidated by almost no one. Where I am thoughtful and non-confrontational, Mara seems to look for every chance she gets. The things that she gets into due to her outspoken nature are the complete opposite of me. And opposites attract, right?

 – HD @ Reading Writing Breathing

Otieno from Shadows on the Moon

My YA crush has to be Otieno from Shadows on the Moon. From the initial description of him with his dreadlocks and blue tattoos I started to swoon, by the time we discover he is a scholar I knew it was going to be love. I found his general attitude pretty attractive, and I loved the way he really understood Suzume. The fact he spends enough time away from his books to be an accomplished archer? Icing on a very lovely cake. Otieno is just the sort of boy I like, smart, sporty and sexy!

 – Jenni @ Juniper’s Jungle

Well, what do you think of the choices above? Any that you adore as well?

And let’s hear more from the boys! You must have YA crushes – or are the girls in YA right now not too crushworthy?